Wednesday, May 30, 2007

85ºF and Snowing

Okay, it is not really snowing, but it looks like it. It is actually fluffy white cotton from the Cottenwood trees and it is annoying. Not only with how it gets in the house, but how in the morning I wake up congested and sneeze about 20 times before I'm even out of bed. Allergy season is here!! Watery eyes, itchy/runny nose, and scratchy throat. Aw, how I hate this time of year. (Are you with me Pops?)

I do love the sun though, but my mayonnaise skin does not. My first bad sunburn of the summer is slowly on the mend. I still match the pink colored shirt I am wearing today. I'm sure that it will start pealing soon (Yeah!), despite my efforts of bathing in Aloe Vera. (Another weird excitement of mine, pealing dead skin from sunburns. Don't judge me, it is fun to peal sheets of dead skin, scabs, and pop anything that has pus.)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Anyone For A Game Of Pictionary?

You guessed it! Kaydee's badly sunburned areas. I think the caricature is a little less embarrassing than a viewing of my actual self. Thanks to a lovely afternoon at my parent's house yesterday, I will be spending today in a bathtub full of Aloe Vera jell.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Like Butter!

This morning while fixing pancakes, I had to laugh at myself because of a little quirk I have.

There is just something about opening a new tub of butter. It is truly a work of art. Call me crazy, but I love the look. The rings remind me of a tree stump and that little cute dome in the middle always has a curly-Q like on a hot fudge sunday.

As a child I remember how excited I would get when my mom would open a new tub of butter. I always wanted to be the first one to dip my knife into it and take the little dollop in the middle. When someone had beaten me to it, I was genuinely crushed. I know, I know it's weird.

Back of the line people. I'm first!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Compliment or Foot Fetish?

The other day I was getting gas at Costco (because it is the cheapest place around). They always have some nice person walking around if you need help, and that day he decided to come and converse with me. We shall call him "Bob", an elderly man who could be my grandfather.

I was just standing there watching the dollars fly by when I noticed that "Bob" was standing close by staring down towards my feet. Not trying to stare myself, I just continued looking at the pump. Then he spoke.

Bob: "Did you do your pedicure?"

Me: "Yes I did." (Embarrassed that it's nowhere near professional)

Bob: "It's just beautiful. You did a great job. You could go into business doing that. You know people make a lot of money doing that? "

Me: "Really?" (Freaking out now and wishing the the pump would stop so I could speed away)

Bob: Proceeded to tell me about his wife and daughter, where they went to get pedicures, and how it cost a fortune, all while continuing to stare at my feet.