Monday, June 25, 2007

Keeping Up With The Joneses

I ventured outside today to do a little gardening. I hate gardening. I don't have a green thumb at all. When we were looking for a house, one of the things that was on my "must have" list was a big yard. I wanted to have room for entertaining and for future little Arndt's. The house we bought had the perfect yard. Some lawn in front with already beautifully planted flowerbeds and a huge yard in the back. We have been in the house 2 years now. The lawn is full of moss and the flowerbeds have been a pain to keep up. I'm pretty sure that our neighbors think that we are a disgrace to the neighborhood. Every spring I look out our front window and see all the neighbors out weeding and maintaining their yards, thinking to myself, I should probably get out there and do mine. Well I'm sure the neighbors were all on the phone with each other today saying "Look! Kaydee finally got her muffin top off the couch and is weeding her yard!". I am happy to say that the front is almost complete. My body hurts from hair follicles to toenails, but I made a dent in the yard and I am proud of it. Thank God that they can't see the backyard.


Leanne said...

ha! that's exactly what i think my neighbours are saying about my yard! i don't know a thing about gardening... we actually just bought our flowers yesterday (we're so behind the times)
are you still thinking about switching over to wordpress? i think you mentioned it a while back.

Rayna and Dale said...

Kaydee!!! You look gorgeous! I just stumbled here through Lanny's blog. So good to see pictures and hear some news ; ) I'm on mat leave now, waiting for the baby to come (my due date was June 25) - the baby is just too relaxed and doesn't want to come out yet ; ) Hope all is swell!

Arndt's said...

Yeah, I'm still thinking about switching. I would really like to have my own, but it costs money. I have to try to talk Jonathan into it and then I think I would switch.